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INFITT Member Registration and Renewal
You can use the online registration to become a member of the INFITT. We use Paypal as the online payment mode with credit cards.

Individual Member - Category A - 2 Years -USD50 / Rs.3000
Individual Member - Category A - 1 Year -USD25 pa / Rs.1500 pa
Resident of Category A Countries - US,Singapore,Canada,UK,Germany,France, Australia and others

Individual Member - Category B - 2 Years - USD25 / Rs.1500/-
Individual Member - Category B - 1 Year - USD12.5 pa / Rs.750/ pa
Resident of Category B Countries - India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia

Associate Member - Category A&B - 2 Years - USD10 / Rs.600/-
Associate Member - Category A&B - 1 Year - USD 5 pa / Rs.300/ pa
Student and Faculty members of Academic Institutions around the world.

These members will have no voting rights in the INFITT General Body.

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